martes, 23 de octubre de 2012


Fresh Water Seassion by Javier López

Dear friends... Summer has expired. A new season opens its doors. We have sea on our mind... but I have the last opportunity to remember that fresh water sensation. I am very pleased to show you a great session that I released at the end of the summer with one of the best Spanish photographers, Javier López.

Mediterranean shore was the perfect scene where we lived an special beauty production. The leif motif was “Nature Strength” and masculinity in its pure state. I had to perform a kind of man who lives in an emotional contact with sea and land, and all of this in the view of Javier López. He is one of my favorite shooters in the fashion world, because he researches the essence of the 21st century male model, without excessive retouches.

I invite you all to discover his work…  Don’t you think his photos are amazing?
I want to say goodbye to Summer with this post… see you soon.

Nature essence at its best 
Man and the sea. A great photo by Javier López

Masculinity in the fashion world....

Looking foward into the future... the best way to say goodbye to Summer

My last swim in Mediterranean Shore

Dreaming about new projects... comming soon

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  1. Una fotos muy chulas... el fotografo muy bueno, la foto de la camisa de flores a pesar de ello rebosa "masculinidad"

  2. Que fotos mas impresionantes! No sé si ya conoces mi blog, Mi vida en sueños, pero si no es así, me encantaría invitarte a conocerlo :D Todos los jueves tengo sección masculina! ^^

  3. Fotazas!!!